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Instructor – Head Instructor – Márcio Pimentel

Marcio Pimentel has dedicated his life, first, as a Judo and Jiu-jitsu athlete and currently as an instructor of the martial arts and a high level conditioning coach. He began training in Judo when he was 7 years old and Jiu-jitsu around the age of 20 at Carlson Gracie Academy. He earned his Black Belt in Judo in 1987 and is a 3rd degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Murilo Bustamante.

He graduated with a degree in Physical Education, specializing in training, strength planning and conditioning. The combination of martial arts knowledge and higher levels of education have allowed Master Pimentel to help young students improve their lives both on and off the mat.

Summary of Professional Achievements:

  • Trained world-renowned athletes such as Ricardo Libório (ADCC), Murilo Bustamante (UFC), Flávio Canto (athlete Atlanta 1996 and Athens 2004), Leo Leite (Bellator), Erika Miranda (London 2012 Olympic athlete and Rio 2016) Kyra Gracie (BJJ World Champion and ADCC), Pedro Rizzo (UFC), Marcio “Pé de Pano” Cruz (UFC), among others.
  • A member of the Brazilian Academy of Trainers
  • Received the degree of specialization from the Federal Council of Physical Education (CONFEF), which approved the following institutions: Olympic Solidarity, Brazilian Olympic Committee, Federal Council of Physical Education – CONFEF, Brazilian Judo Confederation – CBJ

Achievements as an instructor:

  • Founder of Reaction Institute with Olympic Medalist Flávio Canto and some friends.
  • Owner of M.Pimentel Eventos e Promoções, responsible for the Judo of the Marina Barra Club and of the Castelo Branco University Team.
  • Lecturer in 1st year Body Planet of physical preparation for fighters.
  • Lecturer in the training course in physical training in martial arts at Estácio de Sá University.
  • Lecturer in the course of the discipline of Judo, the sports training of the Regional Council of Physical Education (CREF), with the theme of strength training for Judo.
  • Trained Erika Miranda – an Olympic athlete, 3 time World Cup Champion and 4 time Pan American Gold Medal Champion
  • Physical trainer of MMA athlete Murilo Bustamante. In 2002 Murilo was the 1st Brazilian UFC Champion of the World

Athletic achievements:

  • Trained Judo and technical training at Budo University in Japan.
  • Most technical athlete award of the Brazilian Championship under 21 years old in Alagoas – Brazil
  • State Judo champion ten times
  • Brazilian Judo champion five times
  • Three time Brazilian Judo Champion.
  • Silver Medalist in the South American Judo Championship in Cuenca-Ecuador.
  • Participation in the World Judo Universe Championship in Canada.
  • Silver Medalist at the Warsaw World Cup – Warsaw, Poland.
  • Vice-champion of the Oscar of Jiu-jitsu.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion.