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  • Leo Leite:
    • MMA athlete winning three belts and a current fighter with one of the largest fight promotions in the world.
    • A member of the Brazilian Judo Team for 12 years, winning national and international titles.
    • Four time Black Belt World Champion in Jiu-jitsu
    • Former Brazilian Olympic Judo Athlete

“In all my titles I had Marcio Pimentel as one of my top coaches. He has been my coach since 1999 and certainly was very important in all of these achievements. Almost twenty years of trust and giving my challenges to him. Thank you for everything, Márcio Pimentel.”  Sincerely Leo Leite.

  • Flávio Canto

“As an Olympic Judo medalist in Athens (2004) and having dedicated most part of my life to martial arts I believe I am qualified to speaks of Pimentel. During the greater part of my Judo career, Márcio Pimentel was one of my most important coaches. Apart from being one of the best Judo players in Brazil when he was a competitor (several times national champion), he became one of the best high performance personal trainers I have ever met. He is an outstanding Judo and BJJ black belt and mixes his martial arts knowledge with his strength and conditioning mentoring.

Furthermore I can attest that his martial arts knowledge is endless and whoever has the opportunity to learn directly from him is certainly a fortunate person”.

Sincerely, Flávio Canto

  • Murilo Bustamante:

“I can say with full confidence that Marcio Pimentel was one of those people in my life who helped me to become a successful athlete in my career. Marcio Pimentel was my physical trainer from 2001 to 2012 when I retired of professional fights. Not only is he recognized as a world renown high-performance athlete, but also as a very influential professional coach. For part of my career, including two UFC titles, Mr. Pimentel was part of my team. When I was 39 I fought in Pride middleweight GP and I had one of my best performances ever with his help. He always gets me in the best shape. Not only a great trainer he’s an example of a great human being and a great friend.”

  • Kyra Gracie:

“Marcio Pimentel is a high performance conditioning trainer and one of the most awarded Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors of his generation. Over the years as a high performance athlete I had the opportunity of having him as a great conditioning trainer who also helped me as a coach with my Judo. There are many qualities that an elite conditioning trainer must possess. They need to be inspirational, great motivators, have deep knowledge of physiology and the science of exercise to be able to produce the best results and definitely Mr. Pimentel possesses theses qualities and knowledge and he always knew how to encourage me to be the fittest I could be for the high level of competition I faced.”

  • Erika Miranda:

“Working with high performance requires a lot of knowledge and skills and in my sports life I had the pleasure of working with Coach Márcio Pimentel, a qualified and dedicated professional in everything he does.

We worked together for 6 years, and during the same period of a great evolution in my sports career, winning several international titles, including three medals in world championships and two Olympic Games (London / 2012 and Rio / 2016).

These achievements were made possible by the great work of Marcio Pimentel, who besides being my coach, was my judo and jiu-jitsu coach and still has knowledge in other martial arts.

I will be eternally grateful to work and live with Marcio Pimentel, an example of professionalism and integrity. Anyone who has a chance to get to know their work will surely succeed.

I’m sure Mr. Pimentel will do an excellent job in any school that works, passing ethics and moral values to children and adolescentes”.

Erika Miranda

Athlete of the Brazilian Judo Team, (Lightweight, -52kg);

Four times world medalist; (2013/2014/2015/2017)

Participations in Olympic Games (London / 2012 and Rio / 2016)